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Investing in music – made easy

own a share of your favorite song and earn royalties alongside your favorite artist.

nft and music rights

investing in music should be easy. by connecting music rights to NFTs, we create a smooth and secure way of buying and selling music rights.

Access music ownership in the world’s biggest tracks

you're invited to join an exclusive community investing in music rights. invest in top-tier tracks and enjoy exclusive benefits within the anotherblock ecosystem. become a catalog holder and begin your journey as your own record label.

3 steps to get started


decentralizing music ownership

music creators sell parts of their future royalty streams on anotherblock, giving you access to ownership in major tracks previously exclusive to labels and investment companies.


buy your share as an NFT

collectors go from being just music lovers to music owners. they earn royalties when their songs are streamed and gain access to exclusive utilities.


get royalties on every stream

every stream generates royalties that are claimable for the collectors. anyone with the right to royalty from a song can sell parts of their rights on anotherblock.


"musicians will gain power through web 3 — but not in the way that you might think…"

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Michel D. Traore - CEO

Mar 18 · 6 min read


Backed by prominent investors

we have combined the perfect investors and advisors for the best insight in the start-up music and blockchains industry.


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