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the basics of anotherblock

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why investing in music is a good idea

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NFTs and music rights
when you stream your favorite songs on e.g. spotify – owners (rightsholders) of that music are eligible to receive money (royalties).
on anotherblock, owners of music sell NFTs containing a share of the streaming royalty rights of your favorite songs. as an NFT owner, you will receive your share of the streaming royalties.
streaming royalties are normally paid out to the owners quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. the payout is divided between the rightsholders based on their share of ownership.

the drop process


invite-only sale

for a select few – purchase is available a couple of hours before the NFTs are accessible to the public.


public sale

everyone can now purchase our NFTs. payment is available with both credit card and ETH Ξ.


check your profile page

once you have bought an NFT – it will be shown on your profile page where you can follow your song’s performance.


royalty payouts

initially, royalties are paid out every 6 months. more information will be presented with every drop.

behind the scenes


anotherblock discusses with the rightsholder

we work with artists, producers, songwriters, labels, and catalog holders. owners of quality music rights can divest on anotherblock.


the royalty split

anotherblock and the rightsholder decide what share of royalty to divest from a song/EP/album.


creation of NFT artwork

together with the rightsholder and some of the best designers in scandinavia – the NFT artwork is created.


engineering and deployment

the engineering team utilises custom developed smart contracts for the NFTs and royalties. the drop is prepared with up-to-date metadata and details. new features are implemented on an ongoing basis.


the drop

the NFTs are made available for purchase – allowing you to invest in your favorite music.