another pfp

connect your wallet to see if you're eligible to mint

claimable for the anotherblock catalog holders owning more than 4 NFTs.

custom 3d-rendered visuals with 30+ traits.

unique sound loop in each pfp – made by anotherblock.

not just “another PFP”

as a way of saying thanks to our day ones, we at anotherblock are releasing another pfp – granting priority allowlist for our season 2 drops that enable you to be among the first in the queue to buy them!

an internal project made by our team, featuring attributes inspired by our season 1 drops, “another pfp” includes exclusive commercial license to the pfp artwork and sound loop which you can use in your own projects.

excited yet? claiming is available to those who’ve bought 4 NFTs by the 18th of november, and it’s something you don’t want to miss!

anotherblock hoodie
girl with sunflairs