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making music an investable asset class.
own shares of songs – get paid when they’re played

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music rights


We are Bulletproof: the Eternal


latest music rights offerings

like stocks but music

you buy a share of a song
that song gets played
every 6 months you get paid


professional investors

are you a professional investor based in EU?

we have launched our first music rights basket making you a direct owner in a diversified selection of songs - exclusively available for professional investors.

vinyl record

revealing the stability of the music rights asset class through tokenization

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anotherblock was founded in 2021 on the premise of making music rights liquid and available for everyone. we tap into the rhythm of a lucrative and uncorrelated asset class, previously reserved to big funds.

through tokenization, we offer a direct investment in music rights, bypassing the complexities and overheads of conventional fund structures, providing a streamlined and transparent investment experience.

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how our
model works

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