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the long-awaited new chapter of KLEERUP’s artistic journey. KLEERUP is a mastermind behind behind the nordic electronic/pop music scene, known for his melodic anthems together with artists such as ROBYN. collectors unlock a a never-before-heard teaser of his upcoming release IMAGINE PARADISE. the teaser will also work as a pre-access pass to buy ownership in his upcoming single.
some lucky holders might also get the chance to make an official remix of the song. stay tuned for more info on our socials

bonus content - send in your own remix

IMAGINE PARADISE will be released this fall. you will now have a chance to make an official remix of it. download the stems pack below and send your remix to demo@anotherblock.io

deadline: october 10


  • lead vocal
  • hats
  • kick
  • synth
  • ambience
  • acoustic bass

disclaimer: the contents of this folder, including all individual stems and related materials, are provided for personal use only and may not be redistributed, resold, or utilized in any manner for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the copyright owner. all rights reserved.


get acquainted with KLEERUP

ANDREAS KLEERUP is a renowned swedish artist and producer. born in 1979, KLEERUP began his musical journey at an early age, mastering various instruments and developing a deep passion for electronic and experimental sounds. his remarkable talent led him to collaborate with a myriad of prominent artists, such as ROBYN and LYYKE LI, gaining widespread recognition for his unique production style and captivating melodies.

KLEERUP’S breakthrough came with his eponymous debut album in 2008, which included the chart-topping hit WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT, the success of this record solidified his position as a major force in the swedish music scene. over the years, he has continued to push boundaries, incorporating diverse genres and evoking emotion through his evocative compositions. KLEERUP’S artistic brilliance and innovative approach continue to inspire music enthusiasts worldwide.